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Friday, March 02, 2007

Secrecy & Privilege by Robert Parry - click here to purchase


Tracing investigative leads back through three decades, Secrecy & Privilege explores the mystery of how the two George Bushes rose to the pinnacle of American political power - and what the rise of their dynasty has meant to the nation's democratic principles.

Suggesting to Americans that their country has a compelling lust for political, economic and military hegemony over the rest of the world, divorced from any moral considerations, is akin to telling them of one’s UFO abduction – except that they’re much more likely to believe the abduction story.

Well, I gotta tell ya! This is a book that picked my head for sure! I don't like to admit it; I wish it wasn't so; but it is and there's no point in my denying it.

Did you ever stop to ask yourself why the Bush family has risen to the heights they have and achieved the political success they’ve enjoyed, yet none of them have ever really held any position outside of politics? They’ve held political office for decades, but what else?
None of them, to a man, has ever succeeded in any other vocation or profession outside of politics! You have to ask yourself ‘how does this happen?’
This book steps you through the process that got them to their political stations.
Parry takes you through the last 30 years of Bush dominance (I hesitate to say dynasty) and lays out the events which led up to today and another term of Bush mismanagement.

From Watergate to Dubya today, as you will see, the phrase 'taking care of business' takes on a whole new meaning.

You can also be assured that Robert Parry is not just another author with an axe to grind. He has credentials. He is an American investigative journalist. Along side his AP partner Brian Barger, he was the first to report on Oliver North's activities in the White House basement, and the first to describe the Nicaraguan Contras' involvement with cocaine traffickers. He also was responsible for breaking a number of Iran-Contra stories.
He knows where he’s coming from.
Only Parry has had the sources, found the documents, and cogently compiled the deceptive history of how the Bush family have deliberately buried, under multi-layers of secrecy, the truth of some significant events in recent history.

He was there in 1976, when George H.W. Bush was Director of Central Intelligence, the head of the CIA. While few paid attention at the time, certain anti-Castro Cuban exiles, many with past and current ties to the CIA, were the only terrorists ever to export terrorism from the United States. In 1977, the CIA reported that these terrorists killed more people in 1976 than all of the Middle East terrorist groups combined. Yet when the FBI asked DCI Bush for help in quelling the Cuban exile attacks, he slammed down a brick wall on anything that might have come out of Miami. And those secrets are still sealed. That alone may give an unbiased observer a reason to understand the overwhelming support the Bush family receives from the Cuban-Americans in Miami.

In 1995, Parry established as an online ezine dedicated to investigative journalism. From there to present, he’s delved into Colin Powell’s history, and brought attention to Sun Myung Moon and his plans for world domination.
Much of this are found within the pages of Secrecy & Privilege.

I cannot stress enough, if you’re not squeamish about learning the truth, then grab a copy of this book, a bottle of Pepto Bismol or a stiff drink, and read on. Parry has dragged the truth out from under the rocks and released this book of enlightenment for all.

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