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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Teemu Selanne, another great 8

A hockey gentleman, a hockey great, a hockey record holder and now a hockey legend in his own time.

...and his 1000th game and 500th goal...

Selanne said he first dreamed of playing for the Stanley Cup as a youngster growing up in Finland.

“Then there have been many times I wondered if I would ever get to play in the final,” he said. “The system we have in the NHL, you get drafted by a team that doesn’t really have a chance to win, what are you going to do before you become a free agent? When I came into the league, the free agent age was like 35.

“The system is, if you’re in the wrong time and wrong place, you’re never going to win it.”

Selanne went chasing the Stanley Cup once, when he and former Ducks linemate Paul Kariya reunited in Colorado in 2003 because they believed the Avalanche had a good shot at winning the Cup.

That didn’t happen, and after the NHL lockout for the 2004-05 season, Selanne — who had knee surgery again during the time off — came back to Anaheim, and Kariya signed with Nashville.

“I learned that year that you can’t try to find your happiness,” Selanne said. “It just has to come naturally. I’m so happy it’s here (in Anaheim). I’ve always been happy here on and off the ice.

“This is the total package for me right now.”

Teemu finally made it to hockey’s big dance. His teammates were determined to help him take the final step.

“Teemu’s been in this league for 15 years and he’s never had a chance to play for the Cup. We couldn’t have any better teammate.

“He deserves this. I just loved to see Teemu win this thing.”
Ducks goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere said.

Anaheim’s Chris Kunitz, reduced to the role of cheerleader during the Stanley Cup finals because of a broken bone in his right hand, said, “To win the Cup caps off a fabulous career for Teemu, one of the game’s pure, natural scorers.

“It's great to see him hoist the Cup.”

So now, as of June 6, 2007, may I present Teemu, The Legend! Teemu, the Stanley Cup winner!

Teemu, you made me cry...a lot! Feat accompi, darling! You've done the big deed!

"I've been so close to winning an Olympic gold medal and World Championship gold medal and it's never happened," said Selanne. "I'm so happy that I finally won something, this is the biggest trophy for a hockey player and that's why it's so special."

Me too, Teemu! Me too!

These little guys have a lot to live up to. Will they follow in their daddies skate tracks? We can only hope they decide to give it a try and thrill us as much as their daddy is.

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