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Friday, July 06, 2007

The World lost a little sparkle

I lost a good friend today. He was much too young to die at 38, but he did. We didn't always agree on our hockey teams, but always agreed on our music.

Mike Alexander was a huge Pink Floyd fan as well as a Maple Leafs fan, so combining that gave him his username on our hockey message board...FloydianLeaf. He was a really classy opponent for me to discuss the finer points of hockey with, always pointing out the good things but rarely the bad, preferring to look at things as needed tweaks rather than insurmountable faults. He stayed above the rest when posting at the Penguins board, never resorting to the more childish crap I so often saw.
His catchphrase was 'Shine Like a Diamond' & he surely did that!

Oh my, I am going to miss you, Mike! Sometimes we just aren't aware how much someone means to us until they've been taken away. How ironic that you decide to get fit, lose all those extra pounds by riding your bike & then when you're near your target, you die in a gym. It doesn't make any sense to me at all. It shouldn't have happened.

This one's for you, Mike. Teach them hockey wherever you land...

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