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Monday, August 27, 2007

The scoop on poop...

People find it odd that I am so into birds since I also am a cat lover. But I do my damnedest never to let the twain meet. And that's possible because my cats are all indoor cats and my conscience is always clear. They get to go outside on our deck supervised and if there are birds near they can see but cannot touch.

You will learn quickly that I am a lover of birds. And not just the 'pretty' colored birds or the song birds, but all birds. In fact, my favorite bird is the little sparrow, that little drab bird that is so much a part of our everyday lives that most people don't even notice them. And that's a shame, because on closer inspection they are truly quite pretty and not drab at all. Our eyes cheat us.

My favorite sparrow is the sweet-throated little Chipping Sparrow -

...followed by the House Sparrow.

There are so many different types of sparrow too, some 58 different ones, that makes picking just one impossible. Their feathers are so varied that to lump them all into one name - sparrow - is a bit of a pity.
I find them very pretty, I love their happy sound and the way they don't walk but seem to 'pop' along the sidewalk as they go about their business.

And I love their grit! Their strength to survive could put many of us to shame. From the hottest of days in the Mojave Desert to the coldest days in Thunder Bay Ontario they persist and remain a sweet addition to anyone's yard feeder.

I intend to have bird pictures up here as I'm able to get out to take some. So far I have these few here and my Cardinal and winter goose pictures, which really leave much to be improved upon.
But I also want to make everyone aware of Greg Lasley's wonderful photos. He is a very accomplished nature photographer just like I want to be when I grow up.

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