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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Fairy nests

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I love to find the little treasures of life - the things my grandfather would always explain to me and no-one else knew about. The tiny Maple whirligigs, the propellers that the Nature spirits would use to come gently to the ground. I tried as a child to catch a glimpse of the spirits but I never could...oh, I saw the propellers for sure, but never was good enough to see the spirits.

Though never seen, I always felt their presence y'know, and I think that was what my grandfather was trying to teach me. The awareness of nature. The awareness of all things of nature, real or imagined.

But the fairy nests, well, I saw them everywhere as a kid and I did
sometimes think I saw the their little faces hiding down under the canopies and laughing at my inability to catch them. I would gently blow on them - not enough to harm anything or tear the fiber of them, but just to make them dance and jiggle the millions of glistening droplets.

Very early today as I looked out at our misty morning, I was delighted to discover everything draped with fairy nests! All along our hedges they dwelt, outlined with dew and sparking in the soft morning light. A photo op if there ever was one! Something I was never able to do as a kid, and as hard as I tried to draw them, I could never capture their ethereal form or do it justice.

So I have them now - proof that they exist and to capture the beauty of them for ever.

A community of Fae - the preparedness of winter settling in. Berries in abundance and the protection of boughs from the cold snows that will be here soon enough. The quiet hush of autumn...

They choose their different places, much as we do - some picking the burnished red of the fiery bush while others preferring the smaller blades of grass. My grandfather would be so proud that I had remembered his tales of how they decided to live where they did, but for now I will leave you with just these images.

I must remember to watch closely to see if I will be treated to a sighting of the inhabitants. I have my camera just never really know.

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