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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The pet lovers alarm clock and other cat issues...

Okay, I know that any human sharing their space with a cat is going to watch this and sagely nod their heads.

The procedure is the same, no matter who you are or where you live - kitty is hungry - move it! Move it before you lose an ear or an eyelid...don't fight it. Just get up and feed Precious.

In our household there are two people to 'appeal to' and three kitties to make those appeals. Mornings can get bloody! I have the 'extra freckle' on my nose to prove it.
One morning I had an early dentist appointment and when I got all settled in the chair, the doc peered at my nose and asked 'what in gawds name happened to you???' I explained that it was nothing really - just a kitty kiss from Jake.

Jake loves to see everyones eyelids raise in the morning. In fact, I think he can hear them move even before they are full up! He will be in the farthest reaches of the house, but the second I wake up, he'll bound into the bedroom, launching himself off the floor and full onto my midriff. Ooooph! Depending on what I've had to drink before bed, plus how late and how much will dictates the condition of my bladder. But generally, it's maxed out. Did I mention that Jake is a robust 23 pounder? That touchdown will turn anyone into an Olympic caliber sprinter!

We are all taught by our furrier friends
at a young age, how we are to co-exist peacefully with them. It is to our advantage to listen and watch then, so we're not left at any great disadvantage later on. They can fascinate. They can mystify. They inspire great men and women to pen poetry about them.

Some short:-

Mr Mistoffelees
by T.S. Eliot

Well I never!
Was there ever
A cat so clever
As Magical Mr Mistoffelees!

Some not so short:-

Hodge The Cat

Sarah Chauncy Woolsey (Susan Coolidge)

Burly and big, his books among,
Good Samuel Johnson sat,
With frowning brows and wig askew,
His snuff-strewn waistcoat far from new;
So stern and menacing his air,
That neither Black Sam,
nor the maid
To knock or interrupt him dare;
Yet close beside him, unafraid,
Sat Hodge, the cat.

"This participle," the Doctor wrote,
"The modern scholar cavils at,
But," - even as he penned the word,
A soft, protesting note was heard;
The Doctor fumbled with his pen,
The dawning thought took wings and flew,
The sound repeated, come again,
It was a faint, reminding "Mew!"
From Hodge, the cat...

The Dictionary was laid down,
The Doctor tied his vast cravat,
And down the buzzing street he strode,
Taking an often-trodden road,
And halted at a well-known stall:
"Fishmonger," spoke the Doctor gruff,
"Give me six oysters, that is all;
Hodge knows when he has had enough,
Hodge is my cat."

Then home; puss dined and while in sleep
he chased a visionary rat,
His master sat him down again,
Rewrote his page, renibbed his pen;
Each "i" was dotted, each "t" was crossed,
He labored on for all to read,
Nor deemed that time was waste or lost
Spent in supplying the small need
Of Hodge, the cat.

The dear old Doctor! Fierce of mien,
Untidy, arbitrary, fat,
What gentle thought his name enfold!
So generous of his scanty gold.
So quick to love, so hot to scorn,
Kind to all sufferers under heaven,
A tend'rer despot ne'er was born;
His big heart held a corner, even
For Hodge, the cat.

They inspire us to perform songs about them. Songs like Cat People (Putting Out Fire) by David Bowie as well as the 'not so great' and not so 'classic' Mean Kitten, but still lots of fun song by Cory. The lyrical lad wails of hunters and stalkers and the Big Gulp pusses and the Sink Dinks. We are all familiar with them.

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