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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The almost mighty Oak...

The future mighty Oak. As I sit here at my computer every morning, I have looked out my window and watched this young Oak grow from a spindly, supported little stick, to what could be qualified as a tree now. Not a big tree, but the potential is there.

It was only last November that it was no more than a stick - looking more like a green Q-Tip stuck in the ground, than anything close to a tree.
But it's a proud little tree now. It even has four acorns. And I'm sure as it looks around itself at all the wonderful colors surrounding it, it wants to show it can keep up with the best of them. Our house is nearly completed and the closing date grows near...November 27. I will be moving away from this apartment in another few weeks and I won't get to watch the progress of this little tree any longer. That makes me sad in a way...silly me.
So I wanted to pay tribute to it's efforts with my camera at least.

There are two other little Oaks here as well and I'm waiting for them to turn so I can capture their colors too, but for now, I just have the one.

I do have a Mallard family who comes every day too - their day at the 'beach' I presume. A safe haven from hunters anyway.

At least here they will be. I never like to think beyond that.

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