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Friday, August 08, 2008

Professor Randy Pausch Died Today - Fri July 25, 2008

Some things are just so hard to accept, but if Randy could, then I guess we all should. This was to be Randy's last lecture. He knew it and approached it as he did everything else, with humor, grace and a resignation that some things can't be changed so don't whine about it. Just accept it as part of the whole package called life.

I don't think he truly knew his greatness as a teacher and lecturer, but he held me rapt on a few occasions. I related to him because, like him, I wanted nothing more than to grow up and go work for Disney. I was consumed by that dream as a kid. Neither of us achieved that dream, but I feel he ended up doing something so much better.

This is Randy's last lecture at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. It is 76 minutes long, but don't fear it's length or worry that it's maudlin or sad - it is neither. He talks about becoming an imagineer and learning to do electronic arts -he talks of his childhood, his parents, the people that influenced him both growing up and as an adult, and there is so much for us to learn just by listening [and watching] as he relates all this to us. Please take this time to enrich your life by getting to know Randy, even if it is posthumously.

RIP Randy. I still have the aquarium screen saver and the kitties and I are still enjoying it today.


disophy1 said...


It was truly a very sad day when Randy passed away. I was at Villanova University that morning and the impact Randy had was much discussed. It was one of those "for whom the bell tolls" days to be sure.

I never had the privilege of meeting him but the impact of "The Last Lecture" is incredible. I try to share it with all my friends who will take the time to watch it.

Your own story, as described in your blog, is equally inspiring. You must be a phenomenally strong person. I had hoped to have the occasion to say as much in person but such have been the days of this summer that the opportunity has not been afforded.

I hesitated to say as little as the above in our initial correspondence because any words which came to mind seemed trite, in comparison to the experience you describe of the last five years, and too impersonal via an email.

I look forward to meeting such a phenomenally strong person as yourself when, as you said, the dust settles.

Best wishes-

Ginger said...

Charles - thank you! I've just now come to the blog after a long space of time & found your kind comments!
I'd like to think of myself as strong, but I must admit honestly that some things just have to be accepted as they are. I'm not sure we can really take credit for having the strength to accept them, but just go with the flow.
I'm smiling as I type this as well, because I realize here we are next door neighbors & we're messaging on a blog. The world is indeed a strange place sometimes, isn't it?

I promise to wave & call to you the next time we're outside at the same time. =)

And again, thank you for your words.

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