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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alexei, I didn't even get to know you...

Gone at 19...

The shock of death is something we all know, man and beast alike. But when it steals someone from us that simply should not be gone, we stand baffled and confused by it. Grief, wishing to turn back time just a little to make it untrue. A mistaken report.

"He was an exceptionally talented kid," Grossman said. "He played in the Russian Elite League, in the men's league, even before he was drafted which in and of itself is an achievement. He was a self-motivated kid that had an inner confidence about him."

"He just laid back, passed out and went kind of white," - Alexei Cherepanov dead at age 19.
No! This makes no sense at all!

Sometimes there just are no adequate words and I won't try to come up with any. This is just so wrong on such an enormous scale.
My condolences to his family. I can't imagine their pain right now...

R.I.P. Alexei. You touched my soul for whatever reasons I do not know, and the person who put together the YouTube video using Fix You by Coldplay must have felt the same way, because this song has always touched my soul too.

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