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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Low Anthem...

Well, here we go with another rash of concerts for fall. I guess the word rash seems as though it's an uncomfortable thing but believe me, nothing is further from the truth. Music is my life and being able to see live music performed by favorite people is a kiss to the heart.

The Low Anthem, consisting of multi-instrumentalists Ben Miller, Jeff Prystowsky, Jocie Adams and sometimes Mat Davidson have been a favorite of mine ever since discovering them on cd Baby's website a few years ago. I bought the first album and quickly snapped up the others as they were released. With any album, there are favorite songs but with this group, I find it hard to actually choose. People have asked me and I can usually only narrow it down to five or six after a lot of hemming and hawing.

They are a unique and extremely talented trio [sometimes quartet] who between them all play 34 instruments. Almost all vintage or antique. It has been said that they have in their possession, more antique instruments than the museum in Providence Rhode Island where they hail from.
And each of them is able to play almost all of the 34! I got to see this first hand last Wednesday night, Sept 14 when we attended their concert at the World Cafe LIVE in Philly.

The evening opened with guest artist William Elliot Whitmore, a singer/songwriter I'd never heard of before. But he didn't disappoint and was the perfect choice to open for a band like The Low Anthem. William played banjo, guitar and bass drum. Yes, you read that right - bass drum! It had a wonderful effect with what he did and we enjoyed him a lot!

Then with virtually no real break at all, Low Anthem entered the stage. They began their program by announcing they would do the songs in chronological order which got a laugh from the audience but really ended up working well for those recording their favorite songs.

I could fill this post with video I took of the evening but I think it would be better if you went to see them yourself if they come to your corner of the world. Philly was the first concert of the tour and they will work themselves cross country to California before going on hiatus to work on new things at home in Rhode Island. You will not be disappointed and since this tour will be their last, you won't get another chance if you pass on this one.

To Ben, Jeff, Jocie & Mat, plus past member Dan Lefkowitz, - thank you for three incredible albums that filled so many of my days, plus an evening I will never forget.

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