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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Extremely Outdated and Oft Misread Second Amendment....

The first Bill of Rights
The Extremely outdated and oft misread Second Amendment desperately needs to be amended again, this time including a guarantee that all citizens are given an adequate education so that they are capable of reading and comprehending what they have read. This amendment has been so often misread, intentionally or otherwise, for the personal gain of those that want it to support their views. 
It was written at a time when a property owner also needed to protect his property because he was the only one around that was able to do that. There really were no organized police forces that you could call on your cell phone...erm, phone....oops, yell out the window to the small local constabularies!

 Fast forward 222 years, from it's inception in 1791 to today, 2013. You can almost hear the rumbling underfoot as the Founding Fathers spin in their graves. They are appalled and stunned that the people they gave guidance in the form of the Bill of Rights, are so stupid as to never amend that Bill again, never amend to fit the era they live in, never understand that in the day when there were no assault rifles, no multi magazines, no phones, no TV, no cars, no computers, no radios, not even something as simple as a zipper!

Keep in mind please, that this amendment was written & adopted when George Washington was still in his first term as president!! It had only been eight years since the end of the American Revolution, altho' we were in the midst of the Northwest Indian War, taking place in what today, we know as the Industrial Midwest – Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. Vermont had just recently become the 14th state. Originally, the Second Amendment is very much about local militias keeping check on a federal military establishment. 
It’s about Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill. It’s a product of the American Revolution. The motto at the founding is when guns are outlawed, "only the king’s men will have guns." 

In a nutshell, almost everything ordinary Americans think they know about the Bill of Rights, including the phrase ‘Bill of Rights,’ comes from the Reconstruction period. Not once did the Founders refer to these early amendments as a bill of rights. We read everything through the prism of the 14th amendment — including the right to bear and keep arms.” The reconstruction Republicans didn’t love local militias. They believed in Grant’s army so they recast it. It becomes an individual right. The NRA is founded after the Civil War by a group of ex-Union Army officers. Now the motto goes, when guns are outlawed, only klansmen will have guns. Individual black men had to have guns in their homes because they couldn’t count on the local constabulary. 
It’s in the text of the Freedman’s Bureau Act of 1866 that we actually see the reinterpretation of the original Second Amendment. It becomes about original rights.” 

To say the United States was a very different place at that time than it is today, is an enormous understatement. At that time, the country’s population was a little more than 4 million, nearly 1/80th of what it is today. The inventions of the American Industrial Revolution were still 40 years away. The Colt 45 Revolver wasn’t invented and wouldn't be for another 80 years. The firearm of choice in 1791 was a single-shot highly inaccurate muzzle loaded rifle. While we can certainly say that the framers of the Constitution were wise and prescient men, it would be ludicrous to think that they envisioned a world where anyone on the street could buy an automatic or semi-automatic gun with incredible firepower and large self-loading magazines. They would cry to see how the IQ of an entire nation has decreased and using your words to support sheer stupidity. And that’s where we are today. 

Yes, we hear the words from people -- 'Everyone wants reasonable gun laws...gun controls'. But that simply is NOT true. Gun manufacturers certainly don't. The NRA by and large, doesn't. We need to face this first and foremost before anything can be resolved - not "everyone" is for reasonable gun control. A wide swath of people are for no gun regulations at all, which is what makes this national "conversation" so frustrating to the more sane element in the country. 
 If what you have in your personal arsenal is equal or greater to what your military has, with its drones, anti-aircraft shoulder rockets and weapons grade plutonium, then I, for one, think it more than reasonable to limit your access, as you seem to have taken an oath to sheer insanity.

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