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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

God Bless the U.S.A. -- A Nation In Denial....

Here we are again with another mass murder situation. These days, that's almost like saying, 'well, here we are again with another rainy day!' So common matter of fact...

We have become desensitized to it all, just another day in America attitude, which is so shameful when you think it doesn't have to be that way. We cannot control the weather, but we sure as hell can control our laws! If Americans misbehaved on Jan. 15, 2013, as they typically do, then there were 30 gun-related murders and 162 people wounded by firearms in the country, based on the most recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

 On top of that, another 53 people kill themselves with a firearm each day, according to the CDC. 

Over 30,000 people die every year in gun related deaths. The number of gun related death in this country is expected to exceed vehicular deaths by 2015. We are constantly demanding safer vehicles but we just keep our mouth shut when it comes to gun controls...I don't get it! Well, yes I do...let's look at that.

So why don't we just change the laws, you might ask? Well, that's because we allow ourselves to be owned by gun lobbyists and gun manufacturers. These are the people who are interpreting our outdated and
'much in need of amendment' Constitution for us. The ones who have everything to gain and nothing to financially lose by doing this for us. And we allow them to. We allow them to because they work on our fears...they are fear mongers and they have both politicians and network people working with them to scare people into thinking that without guns, the government would crush them! Paranoia, cowardice, mistrust, gullibility, or dare I say just good old fashioned stupidity? Yes, maybe at this juncture that's pretty much exactly what it is.

Look at the most recent incident for instance. A man who slipped past...nah, not slipped passed, but was allowed to own a gun because our laws weren't stringent background check to stop him even though he was right under everyone's nose and had a history of mental illness!!
Aaron Alexis killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, he had a history of mental health problems and firearm arrests but fell below a level that would have brought a serious response! Adequate laws? Background checks working? That's like saying 'Pass the bullets please, Wayne'.

Yet people still argue that we don't need tighter gun control laws or background checks, that the laws we have are adequate and that this talk of gun control is really an evil disguised method by the government to take all their guns away!!!

And will this change anything this time? I'm willing to bet, looking at the odds, that no, not a fat change in hell...Adam Lanza, mentally ill, James Holmes, mentally ill, Jared Loughner, mentally ill, just to name a few recent 'celebrities'. One way or another they all managed to secure guns for themselves very easily in this ever increasing Land of Lax'.

Adam Lanza
Jared Loughner
James Holmes

Aaron Alexis
And now the country can add yet another name to that ever growing list...Aaron Alexis.A man known to be obsessed with violent video games among other things.

"Despite his being investigated by police departments in Seattle and Fort Worth, for firing a gun in anger, no charges were filed that would have shown up in his F.B.I. fingerprint file. Despite mental health issues — he twice went to Veterans Affairs hospitals last month seeking treatment for insomnia — he was never committed and so was legally able in Virginia to buy the weapon the police said he used in the shootings.".
Those who seek to find what they want to find in the Constitution, are quoting their findings constantly, all the while ignoring all other portions that are equally as antiquated.

This is one thing that has always bothered me about debate and deciding what is right and what is wrong. People spit out “well, it says so in the Constitution”. Aah, that is not an argument.  It’s a fact, to be sure, that it's in the Constitution, but facts need the addition of logic and reasoning to become arguments. Quote a statement in the Constitution all you want if it supports your viewpoint but it still doesn't mean it's right! It only means you've found something you agree with. Laws don’t make things right and wrong! Right and wrong should be making the laws. 
Those men who penned that noble document were very wise men. No question. But they also lived over 200 years ago and had no possible way of foreseeing the future and knowing that we would not continue to amend the documents to suit our own times...the generations we lived in. 

They also had no concept of assault weapons. Hell, they didn't even have a concept of zippers for god sakes, or dentures, hearing aids...phones, cars, aircraft, submarines, shuttles that could shoot men into the stratosphere, radios, TV's, computers, furnaces, air conditioning, etc! They lived in the era of muskets! Guns that took typically 15 seconds to load and another 20 second firing separation between shots.

And even the most accurate marksmen were still not that accurate with these weapons because most bores got warped from gunpowder explosion or were never straight to begin with. Range was minimal...about 50 meters at best. the musket didn't really become accurate until rifled barrels started to be used.

When the invention of the MiniĆ© ball happened, it sealed the barrel behind it and the spin of the ball was then somewhat better stabilized. After that the accuracy increased out to several hundred meters but you could still almost outrun a bullet. 

And these inventions all came long after the Constitution was written and the Second Amendment was added.
We are living by the standards of their thinking which is purely asinine today!!! Those Founding Fathers wrongly assumed there would be continued wisdom in the nations future. That was their first and worst mistake.

 What I want to know is why...(loose interpretation of Second Amendment aside) why should a gun owners right to own a gun be any more important, or any better protected than my rights are? Any more than my right to be safe in my own country, in my own city, in my own home, in my own workplace, in my own school? Or at my church, a park, a mall, a theater, walking my dog or jogging? Running a marathon or visiting a friend in hospital? There are a lot more rights being violated by the Second Amendment than there are being given. 

This country is owned by gun lobbyists and the sadder part of all that is we're dumb enough to be proud of all that.
the amendment really has nothing to do with guns. No, it does not!  The real purpose of the Second Amendment was to ensure that state armies - the militia - would be maintained for the defense of the state.  The very language of the Second Amendment refutes any argument that it was intended to guarantee every citizen an unfettered right to any kind of weapon he or she desires. Sorry gun lobbyists, but not everyone is sucked in by your fraudulent lies.

Dr. Janis Orlowski, the trauma unit doctor at the Navy Yard hours after the latest shootings said 'how unAmerican' this act was...really doctor? I say it's about as American as the Stars and Stripes, the National Anthem and apple pie. She said 'this is evil and we have to find a way out of this'...we know the way out of this, we just aren't doing it. We have politicians bought buy gun lobbyists and the NRA. We have gun owners that want stricter gun controls too, but it's not happening because it's big business...very big business that gets politicians elected and keeps them in office. We are a nation of eternal deniers...deniers of rights to people because of greed.

One last observation...we like to think of ourselves as the best country to live in, we like to think, compared to other countries of the world, that we're much superior, that we are perhaps socially and technically higher evolved because of our accomplishments - but honestly, are we? We certainly aren't when it comes to looking after each other. We are inferior in education, in health care, in how safe we are on our own soil. We are constantly under threat of being, not by foreign terrorists, not by our government, but by ourselves. By our neighbor, by our workmate, our spouse, a religious zealot, a disgruntled most of all our stupidity and our gullibility! Do our accomplishments derive from a superior brain? Or is it merely because of our opposable thumbs?

Because from what I've seen of the human brain so far, it still leaves an awful lot to be desired. We don't learn for our mistakes - we don't learn from history - we are easily frightened into believing anything big corporation tells us, in order to keep them rolling in money. That's not using our "superior" brain. That's not even exhibiting a brain! At least not for what it was meant to be used for...right now the American brain just acts as matter to fill the skull and keep our nose from echoing...

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