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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Socialism For Dummies...

Socialism in the USA defining the word for idiots

(Socialism) any product or effort with useful benefits to society as a whole, that people don't shop for -- thus making it unprofitable to business interests -- and so it gets collectively paid for by various members of society.

What socialist services does the US government currently provide? 
It seems we have several:

*Social Security
*healthcare (pre Obamacare via emergency room for people who can't pay)
*public libraries
*public schools
*government college grants, scholarships, and loans
*roads (except toll roads)
*the FDA
*the EPA
*Airport Security

*Sewage treatment,
*the FCC,
*Parks and Recreation,
*EBT/ Food stamps,
*Zoning Laws (so your house isn't next to a giant building or in an area where it is unsafe for a house)
*OSHA and similar things like air crash investigation etc.
*And federal and state unemployment benefits
*MOST of our justice system.

Now what you’re calling Socialism in the Government are wishes of the people for certain services or unified control, they themselves mandated to the Federal when that Government formed. What these duties and obligation granted government, for the most part fall under 'National Security' and the securing of the States, their people and their interest, wherever they might be. Over the years, what's involved to this has changed and many projects/programs are perfectly acceptable extensions of those original mandates NASA, FDA, EPA or any other agency, to the LIMITS of the above.

*military - Even today, the President (Commander In Chief) is limited to when and for what they are called to do. For instance the President can not order a State NG to assist in a disaster, without the Governors permission, unless Katrina changed that, which as we know, didn’t.

*police*firefighters*voting*Medicaid*public libraries*public schools*healthcare (via emergency room, for people who can't pay)*roads (except toll roads) Added; *Unemployment/Disability Compensation*Welfare Programs*Marriage/Permits;

These are all State Obligation and many more, that are often confused with the Federal, paid in total or part by every States according to their Constitution/law and regulations, unless coerced by the Federal in one or more ways. Roads for instance are partially paid for by the Federal (US and Interstate Highways only) with taxes collected through Fuel taxes, within their States, Voting ages/drinking ages/ road safety- seat belts today and many other with the threat of lost funding from one or more other programs.

*Social Security

These and dozens of others are programs adopted over the years are paid by the Federal, including future obligations, but were expected to be 'pay as you go programs', from future recipients, not products from the Federal, which they have become. Socialism, it taking wealth from some, giving it to others for reasons...

This “Socialist” list continues to grow via the GOP and Republican decisions regarding the takeover of women’s bodies and the dis-allowance of women to choose what to do in the case of family planning or size. The very thing, Socialism, they proclaim is killing the country and should be feared above all else is the very thing they are growing in leaps and bounds by adding government intervention and control.

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