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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Photo Album

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I have so many pix that just don't seem to fit into any one post now, so I thought this might be the best way around that. Since the new camera came into my life, it has virtually been aimed and clicked at everything - some things were keepers and others brought about no more than a giggle or embarrassment. But it's all a part of the learning curve and you don't want to toss them for that reason. "Exhibit #51, yer honor - why not to snap a picture before focusing."

I do have automatic everything on the camera but still prefer using the manual settings. There's just something too perfect about those automatic pictures, and many times they lack the character of ones that are manually set.

So! No more going on about that. These pictures will all be from different times and different events. I will try & caption them as much as I can so I hope you enjoy them...
First and latest, from my husbands company picnic:-

The kids doing what kids do at parks and picnics...

Ollie waits patiently for his twin brother Tobi to come play ball.

Tobi has other ideas though..."Sorry pal, but this town ain't big enough for the both of us - I'm turtling outta here.

Huh! Oh yeah? You think you can catch me with the speedy Chipmunk, think again! My hardshell has his orders!"

Giddyup! Get movin'! There's peanuts in it for ya iff'n you can catch that varmint!"

Matteas contemplates her odds - not great! "That's a long, long way down to that tree, and what's this you say? I gotta go around it three times??

"Oh, and Mr. Judge? I'd like to report a contest infraction? I can't prove it but I think he's glued his egg to the spoon?"

The team enjoys the spoils of their race win - mini fishing!

But now on to something completely different. The sky over our new house.
We couldn't help but snap these shots, and even then we couldn't capture just how beautiful the sky was because it's impossible to capture light. But as we were taking pictures of the construction, a noisy family of crows flew overhead drawing our attention to what was above.

There were almost biblical rays shooting down through the mauve clouds and lighting up the sides of the house and the windows. It was, for lack of a better word, spooky! The sun setting and the surrounding landscape was reflected in the front windows and it was golden.
Sometimes you just dumb into an interesting shot.

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