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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Matchbox Twenty

It all started with this tune...

Which kicked off a passionate love of their music and the message their music brought.

Some things are just too hard to label - for me these guys are one of them. I love this band and wasn't too thrilled when Rob Thomas decided to go out on his own, figuring that was the death knell for the group. Altho' he and Joss did a nice tune together, I still wanted him back with his boys.

They were the band I attribute to getting me out of rehab, back on my feet and walking again - my lead therapist held a poster up at the end of the corridor in the hospital each day and said "Ginger; Rob wants you here in front of him right now." It worked. I had tickets for their concert and I was determined I was going to go! Since our tickets were stage front, I wouldn't settle for the handicap section either! No, I wasn't going to do that to my husband or myself! I had no intention of cashing those tickets in for some others. I was going to walk to those seats and watch my guys. I did! Thanks guys...

Anyway it wasn't the end!! They are back and better than ever, if that's possible.
And thanks for seeing the wisdom in putting yourselves back together and giving us all some more music to listen to. I'm at your next concert - or two- or more! Count on it!

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